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  • Crystals for beginners by Esther Coren

    Crystals for beginners................A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a lovely Blogger friend of mine to do a short interview in which I would offer her readers brief rundown of Crystal work. A Crystal basics if you will. Now I personally felt that I had given well rounded answers in a personable and knowledgable manner.

    The result of said interview was, well lets say, a mixed bag, of mixed reviews. it seems some people out there don't care how personable you are. They just REALLY don't like Crystal work!!!

  • Lets talk healing at PushCONNECT this Saturday!

    'Self-Awarenesses' has been a growing term on social media. Feeling overwhelmed can be overwhelming itself, which is why Push PR have put together an exclusive panel of experts together for the very first #PushCONNECT Heal Talk.

  • "About me!"

    About me! About us! My story!

    which ever way you want to skin the cat, this header is where I have to tell you a bit about “Liferocks” and how it came to be.