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  • Balance

    I am Amiee Carlton, I am the founder of Liferocks.store.


    When I work with clients it's always one on one as I align the physical body into a space of balance using the crystals and therapy. I also focus my time on finding ways for crystals to support us in our day to day lives. Whether it's by wearing beautiful handmade jewellery or by drinking crystal infused water through my personally designed copper water bottles I try to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits crystals energy on the go.


    I write this monthly column for Balance magazine and thought it might be good to pass on to all my wonderful readers to spread the crystal love.


    Check out the article below

  • Crystals for beginners by Esther Coren

    Crystals for beginners................A couple of weeks ago I was asked by a lovely Blogger friend of mine to do a short interview in which I would offer her readers brief rundown of Crystal work. A Crystal basics if you will. Now I personally felt that I had given well rounded answers in a personable and knowledgable manner.

    The result of said interview was, well lets say, a mixed bag, of mixed reviews. it seems some people out there don't care how personable you are. They just REALLY don't like Crystal work!!!

  • Lets talk healing at PushCONNECT this Saturday!

    'Self-Awarenesses' has been a growing term on social media. Feeling overwhelmed can be overwhelming itself, which is why Push PR have put together an exclusive panel of experts together for the very first #PushCONNECT Heal Talk.

  • "About me!"

    About me! About us! My story!

    which ever way you want to skin the cat, this header is where I have to tell you a bit about “Liferocks” and how it came to be.