Crystals for beginners by Esther Coren

Many months ago, last year in fact, I was asked by a lovely Blogger friend of mine to do a short interview in which I would offer her readers brief rundown of Crystal work. A Crystal basics if you will. Now I personally felt that I had given well rounded answers in a personable and knowledgable manner.

The result of said interview was, well lets say, a mixed bag, of mixed reviews. it seems some people out there don't care how personable you are. They just REALLY don't like Crystal work!!!

For those of you interested in what went down; Here it is:



As it is January and I like to be as much of a cliche as possible I thought I would do a few spiritual/health posts. Today we have from my friend Amiee who, while looking otherwise normal (funky name spelling aside) is also a CRYSTALS PERSON.

So I asked her a bit about crystals.

WTF Amiee… crystals???

I know, I know. So often people say to me “Crystals? really? Do you actually believe they work?” MY response can only be “No, No, of course not, I just work with them every day to waste my time and the time of all the lovely people to come to work with me!”

Seriously though. It really is just all about physics and science and vibration to vibration. When you look at it like that and not like it’s some kind of magical voodoo that only the selected few can understand, it becomes a lot easier to relate to. 

Simply put, everything on the planet vibrates (super fast so we can’t see – physics). Our body needs to vibrate as high as possible to be at optimal health. When we come into contact with something that vibrates at a similar frequency to us (aka crystals) but the vibration is higher (aka crystals), we will try to match its vibration. This means when we come into contact with a crystal we will try to match its vibration. Vibrate higher, thus feel better.Make any sense?You know when you meet someone when you are in a bad mood but their energy gives you wings? You just pulled up to match their vibration…

You lived in LA for a while, did you catch the crystals bug there? Or have you always been a massive hippie.

In honesty The Hippie has always been lurking inside of me just desperate to get out. Living in LA certainly changed me and Im sure I became a lot more open to the “unusual” while I was out there. However I spent most of my years out there in fashion and design. It was only in my last two years that I changed course and got involved in wellness.

Okay, okay – maybe I AM a bit crystals-curious. Where do I start crystalling the shit out of my house?

I always think that zapping the Wifi pollution is a good start. We all surround ourselves with so much wifi toxicity and it effects us more than we know. Typical symptoms are anxiety, trouble sleeping, mental fog. Clear that shit up and its like a whole new world for so many people.

Whack a big piece of smokey quartz at your front entrance. It looks beautiful and it will suck up not only low vibration from Wifi, Pollution and such like; but it will even clear your space of low energy vibration that visitors might tred into your space. You know, those people who make you feel drained after you have been with them. That is Low Vibe. Make sure they literally leave it by the door.

Also. Black tourmaline by every computer to suck up the wifi radiation as it emits.Go the extra mile by placing a pyrite with it. That will not only support your EMF (electro magnetic field) protection, but it is said to help manifest success and financial abundance. Where better to put it than by your desk.

I’m a shitty sleeper, is there a crystal that can help me with that?

Amethyst is great for sleep. This is because it works to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. The result – easier sleep. Lepiodolite is also really good for sleep issues. It is made up of Natural Lythium, (the chemical version of which is in anti depressants), which is a calming stress-reliever. This certainly aids sleep. This stone is also quite well known for dreaming which can make it fun to slip under your pillow.

My marriage is falling to bits – is there a rock you can recommend?

Not if you are planning to throw it at said spouse! On a serious note, I would say that communication stones can be helpful when marriage gets a bit rocky and people stop talking to each other. Try Chrycocholla or blue lace agate.

One thing to note as well is that sometimes we need a little time to think about what’s not working or what needs to be worked on. For a more reflective stone try Malachite or laborite.

I want to get back to work after 10 years looking after my kids. Is there a crystal that can help with getting my creative mojo back?

Pyrite as mentioned above is the stone for success, money and manifestation. Pair this with Citrine and you will be like a success firework. Citrine is a creative stone but it also fires up personal will, self confidence and manifestation. It is a stone of the sacral chakra and solar plexus (chakras are a whole other intimidating area that we can tackle another time). In essence, these are the areas of our body that literally embody power. passion and self belief.

Tell us more about your water bottles!

Ahhhhhh, my water bottles. I so love my water bottles. What I wanted to do was create a way for people to use crystals and benefit from their energy all day, every day. I decided to work with water as crystal energy is super-easily programmed into water. The stones literally vibrate into the water. When you drink the water you are drinking the vibrations. Its like mainlining crystal energy. Based on this I developed a water bottle so you can be mainlining crystal benefits all day long. 

The bottle its self is copper which further amplifies crystal vibrations. Copper is also a great mineral to ingest traces of because it is anti inflammatory, it reduces joint pain, it stimulates the metabolism, it regenerates cells in the body (errr, hello anti ageing), it aids digestion….. the list does on. I have developed a water bottle that enables you to heal on so many physical and emotional levels with very little work from you. And to top it all off, you are binning plastic by using them. Win win.

Find Amiee’s brilliant copper water bottles here.

Amiee also runs chakra-tuning bespoke crystal whatsit healing thingies from her home in North London. Sort of therapy but with crystals! Like the sound? More here!

She also sources and supplies the different crystals she mentions above; some are available already on her website but I’m pretty sure she also takes requests, like a DJ.


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