Lets talk healing at PushCONNECT this Saturday!

I am honoured to be invited to talk on the "heal" panel at this weekend's PushCONNECT event

Time for some healing at #PushCONNECT

'Self-Awarenesses' has been a growing term on social media. Feeling overwhelmed can be overwhelming itself, which is why Push PR have put together an exclusive panel of experts together for the very first #PushCONNECT Heal Talk.

‘Self-Awarenesses’ has been a growing term on social media. Being mindful, active, healthy and positive all at once can seem overwhelming for some, as it seems that you need to be all four to be able to live a ‘fulfilled’ life. Feeling overwhelmed can be overwhelming itself, which is why Push PR have put together an exclusive panel of experts together for the very first #PushCONNECT Heal Talk.

On Saturday 2nd March, from 11:30am-12:30pm, join Amiee Carlton from Life Rocks, Tahira Herold from Beauty by Tahira, Alex Moments from Nini Organics, Geeta Sidhu-Robb from Nosh Detox and Push PR Founder and Creative Director Emma Hart as we discuss self-awareness and well-being in today’s fast-paced environment, sharing inspirational tips and knowledge and activities to help you lead a more stress-free life.

Ahead of the talk, we sat down with our speakers to get a glimpse into their own experience with ‘self-healing’

Amiee Carlton – Life Rocks

Amiee is the founder of LifeRocks, home to the products and therapies that Amiee believes we should all have in our lives to enable flow, balance and centredness; including gorgeous copper water bottles and healing stones.  After having worked in fashion for many years, Amiee felt the need for a change: “what eventually happened was that I didn’t fit in my fashion skin anymore and I was crawling out of myself to find something new”. With a fascination for the human mind and ‘what makes us tick’, Amiee went on to explore the relationship between body and soul in order to allow development, healing and balance. “Brene Brown was a big part as to why I went into healing. Her book I thought it was just me, But it isn't  really inspired me; it just clicked in my head”. One of Amiee’s biggest beliefs which she lives by and passes on to her clients is to “separate yourself from the toxic environment that you’re in. Give yourself 10 mins to see your issues from a far. I always tell my clients to envision their problems in front of them in their head and then to push them back 5 feet away. I believe every emotion is born from love or fear; it’s all about digging deep into your subconscious to understand and heal yourself rather than scraping the surface short term, but feeding the monster long-term”.

Tahira Herold – Beauty by Tahira 

Tahira is a makeup/hair artist, beauty writer and creative specialising in using natural, organic and ethically made beauty products. She’s a real beauty guru and has been sharing her tips and knowledge for  years through her blog Beauty by Tahira. She is both passionate about making beauty rituals easy and accessible to all whilst using products that care for the planet, people and animals. When it comes to healing yourself in today’s age, Tahira says it’s all about self-love: “I think in an era of increased isolation, despite a greater ‘connectedness’ on social media, true self-love is about being gentle with self criticism, learning our boundaries and limitations without constantly obsessing about our own appearance or the optics of our appearance”. As Tahira explains, there is a fine line between self-love/self-care and self-obsession: “true self-love lies in the heart, not the ego. Well-being lies in learning to find equanimity and balance between all the opposing forces in our lives to find peace within the daily stresses and tumult of urban life”.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb – Nosh Detox 

Geeta is one of those unique persons with an inspiring back story. After a difficult year in 2002 both financially and personally, Geeta worked to save every penny in building her organic food and juice program delivery business, Nosh Detox. Going from a career as a corporate lawyer to starting her own health and nutrition company from scratch came with significant challenges. As Geeta explains: “change is inevitable, suffering is optional”, a key philosophy by which she lives by and passes on to her clients. Her top tip for healing in 2019? “Healing is an inside job. Go for growth, not gain. Aim to enrich, not excel. Go for confidence, not being constant”.

Alex Moments – Nini Organics

As co-founder of the ultimate green skincare brand, Alex is a natural-based product consumer himself. Having started his career in the green beauty industry almost 10 years ago after battling a very severe case of acne, Alex found that no matter what conventional face wash or treatment he could find, nothing seemed to work. Nini Organics is all about connecting with yourself, listening to what your skin needs, and ‘feeding’ it with natural plant-based ingredients. As Alex explains: “For me it’s all about truly organic beauty which feeds and treats your skin, connecting us back to some much needed ‘me time'”. Feeling confident in what ingredients you put on your face is all part of your healing process; just like when you are aware of the things you put in your body, you should be mindful of what you put on your body.

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