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This amazing piece of Blue Kyanite is an extraordinary one off form.

Kyanite is stone that works to align all energy centres, however it connects very strongly to the throat and third eye, and is supportive of communication and clarity of vision.

Kyanite's frequency encourages examination of all aspects of the self; what creates our own personal uniqueness and identity, and how it can be used for our personal growth path, and in finding a life-fulfilling vocation from a place of truth. It encourages listening to intuitive guidance and living with integrity of purpose.

Kyanite stimulates our deeply ingrained emotional beliefs and habitual patterns. What we think we believe is right and wrong; possible or not possible and allows space for exploration in these areas. Allowing for change and challenge. Enabling us to overcome a victim mentality, and the resignation of ourselves to the recurring emotional patterns that create blockages in our energetic field. Kyanite can work as a  bridge to connect to those patterns and quickly create new energy flow and a shift in our perception of the world and what is actually possible, as opposed to what we blindly thought we "believed" was possible (or not possible). It assists and promotes a more logical way of thinking, once these new paths have been seen or explored and encourages resolute action

Blue Kyanite stimulates the throat and the third eye chakras

This piece is 4" Tall, 9" Wide, 2" deep. Please note that Kyanite is naturally fibrous and does flake.