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This piece is very rare to find. a single pyrite cube of such a size in such condition!!! The crystal its self is 1.5" cubed, and to top it off, it is still in its matrix.

When a crystal is mined with part of the original rock attached to it, in which it started its journey into formation, this is far rarer than a crystal simply removed from a mine alone. This is known as being "in Matrix".

This means that you are looking at a stone still attached to its formative state. In its original form.

Pyrite. A stone known well for its strength and power in aiding prosperity and manifestation. This stone is like a firework of positive energy.

Pyrite stimulates creativity, ambition, persistence and willpower, making it an amazing stone to have with you if you need more vitality and focus within your workspace or are working on a project that needs an extra boost.

Known as fools gold because if its stunning gold colour, pyrite is also said to bring financial prosperity to those who work with it.

Also a great crystal to protect against wifi and pollution toxicity. Keep this baby on your desk and protect yourself while working towards ultimate prosperity

Pyrite stimulates the solar plexus chakra.

The size of the stone in matrix is approx 4.5"wide x 5" tall x  2" Deep

The size of the Pyrite cube alone is approx 1.5/1.7" cubed