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Want to change your energy? Raise your Vibration? Why not change your pod?


This pod is filled with Black Tourmaline, Smokey quartz, and clear quartz.

This elixir has all the properties needed to clear, clean and dissolve toxic pollution that has built up in the physical system as well as the auric field. These same stone also build a preventative shield against electromagnetic smog penetrating the system again once the detoxifying work has been done.

Benefits of protection from electromagnetic toxicity are many, but here are a few:- Better quality sleep. Easier to fall asleep. Lowered anxiety. Better digestion. More focus. Longer concentration. 

Simply fill your bottle with clean water before bed and It will be ready to sip from when you wake. 

(Allow the water to sit with the pod for 8 hours for full effect, and have a good few gulps on an empty stomach to get the ball rolling).

Please cleanse and recharge your pods once a week: Simply remove your pod from the bottle and rinse under cold water for a few minutes. Then open the pod and empty the contents of the pod onto a clean dry towel. Allow the stones to dry completely. Once dry, put your crystals back in their pod and rest the pod on a speaker to feel the vibration of loud music for 5 minutes; (sounds mad I know, but sound vibration will retune and reset your stones back to a fantastic energy emitting state for you)

I suggest tuning forks or sound bowls as a sound but any old rock and roll will do the trick.


(allow 5-7 days of drinking water at this frequency to have an effect on the body. Our system takes time to entrain the to vibrations of the stones. It is not magic. Its science).