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About me! About us! My story!

Which ever way you want to skin the cat, this header is where I have to tell you a bit about “Liferocks” and how it came to be.

Most people who meet me say that I am social. confident. Composed. Articulate. Warm. Comfortable. 

Maybe so, but truth be told; I really struggle to be the focus of attention. All eyes on me makes me want to crawl under a rock and never come out.

This so called “My Story” stuff is not so easy for me to write. However, in the vein of authenticity, I have made a pact with myself that I will dig deep and actually write it!


I was in Fashion for most of my adult life. Focused on the material. I’d studied it, Lived it, breathed it; My livelihood depended on it.

I have a good eye, and i’d like to think I have good style. I like beautiful things and I am not going to pretend that My wardrobe no longer matters to me because I have “found myself” and I am now only concerned with the higher realms of the universe!

I am however going to admit that I am not sure I ever felt like I was really doing what I was meant to be doing.

Maybe it was the fashion-y side. I hated “selling” myself and my brand to people time and time again. Trying, Trying to make sure people bought  little bit of me each season!

I loved clothes but trying to make them a “bit” different every few months for a new collection didn’t utterly float my boat.

Maybe it was that I don’t believe Trend equals taste.

It was likely all of these things and more, but What eventually happened was that I didn’t fit in my fashion skin any more and I was crawling out of myself to find something new.

Do something new. Feel different. More like myself, whatever the hell “myself” was….because by now I had no clue.


This all came after a bout of rather debilitating, soul destroying and gut wrenching post natal depression (baby number one!) and a cross coastal move.

I was totally at sea. I knew what I was good at  but I knew I wasn’t happy doing it any more, and after battling with mental illness I knew I wasn’t prepared to do anything that didn’t fill me up to the brim anymore.

So? What next? I have always loved people. Always been fascinated with the brain. How we are. Why we think the way we do, and in turn behave the way we do. 

Maybe a psychology degree? I’d love to study the mind. Philosophy even? also brilliant.

School, however, was not pulling me.

Then I met the world of wellness.

It changed everything. I was introduced to bio feedback. To Power plate. To Re connective healing. To myself. I was learning the power of my own brain and a deep understanding of others.

I loved listening to people. I wanted to know everyones story. I always felt what people were feeling, I loved to see people work themselves out and (eventually) be happier and more whole for it. I had been repeatedly told I should offer therapy of some kind.

My issue was that all the therapy I had tried (I repeat "I", we are all different) in the past only went so far. It didn’t quite do the trick for me. The pain was still there. the repeated behaviour still repeating. The negative thoughts still running rings around the mind.

I wanted to find a different way for people to really get back to themselves and.      I was pretty sure that people’s (aka: MY) issues were not in my conscious mind enough to even start really clearing and creating a new balance.

How could I help people work on the “real” issues so that they didn’t have to spend a lifetime trying to treat the conscious symptoms (ie, anxiety, insomnia, depression, phobias, repeated toxic relationships, loneliness, commitment phobia)

7 years later. An NLP master qualification, a crystal reader certification and worldwide accredited crystal healer certification under my rather stylish belt, here I am; 

Working with crystals and NLP to help people to understand what their body and soul needs in order to allow development, healing and balance.

Pulling stones you are drawn to will tell me about the threads that are in your subconscious. What you deep down are holding onto. And what could be holding you back.

More often that not we are Coming into a session with clear “ideas’ of where we feel we are going “wrong”; what we need to “fix”; how our lives “should” be different. How “we” should be different.

So often it is our past, our stories; things we have been told about ourselves to be true, not actually the Truth.

Working with stones and personal law of attraction makes for very interesting and deep work. Not always easy. But there is always growth.

NLP. Psychology and development coaching can be enhanced with a deeper understanding of what our unconscious mind is trying to tell us.

I use stones to reconnect to this source and bring the unconscious to the surface.

We untangle the subconscious threads and work with NLP and development coaching techniques to truly understand, Leaving space for energy to clearly flow.

The Results? Balance. Clearing. Healing. An Activated sense of self; strength and direction to be who you actually are.

So this is me. This is “about” how I finally got to the place where I feel like I’m actually doing what I am meant to be doing.

Funnily though I now do a lot of other things too.

I do amazing energy balancing sessions that I suggest everyone on the planet has every three months.

I have developed a Vibrational energy copper water bottle that is infused with crystal energy so that people can bin plastic and benefit from the vibrational healing powers of crystals all day long while also staying hydrated. 

I managed to put my design degree back to good use and make jewellery that holds energy stones so that you can feel stylish and centred at all times.

I personally source stunning one off stones so that my beautiful clients can charge up and also learn to work with the magic of crystal energy in their own homes.

In a nutshell LIFEROCKS.STORE has been born. Home to the products and therapies I believe we should all have in our lives to enable flow, balance and centred-ness.




The sessions I had with Amiee were insightful. She took me out of my comfort zone and made me face issues and worries about myself and my work. She challenged me and pushed me in directions I would never have taken without her advice. Since seeing Amiee I have thrown myself into my project and am feeling super excited to see how it develops.

Sarah Goldstone





Amiee Carlton. Master NLP Practitioner. Development coach & energy Worker. Based in North West London.