Chakra Balance - 60 Mins

This session comprises of a full analysis of the chakras and those which might be out of alignment (there is more often than not more than one or two!!). Based on the results found you will undergo an a-tuning alignment which will take around 20-25 minutes. We then re-test the chakras to review the effectiveness of the rebalance.

Please note, sometimes one will need more than one session to establish balance; and rebalance is not permanent. 

Balancing sessions are recommended at least 2/3 times a year.


Energy reading and Development session - 60 Mins

What is your unconscious trying to say? What does your body need that your conscious mind hasn't worked out yet?

Your physical energy will always be drawn to crystals that it needs and wants close to it in order to a-tune to their frequencies. This session works around the stones you choose and what your unconscious brings up. We work through what the stones tell us in order to enable emotional understanding, growth and release of blockages.


Follow up Development session - 60 Mins

This follow up session sets space and time to evolve through the learnings of the energy reading.

How has the information been processed? What has changed?

What needs to change? How can we get there?

What resources can be implemented and what do you want all this too look like?


Tarot Coaching - 45 MINS

Coaching with Tarot is a powerful  way to make intuitive connections and to get clarity on any and all situations. What is holding you back? which relationships are not serving you? What are you choosing to not to see? Which opportunities do you need to be taking advantage of, and What steps do you need to take to create the path you want, to walk towards the life that serves you and makes you feel whole?

Working with Tarot enables us to bring up inspiring insights for powerful change.



This morning was AMAZING. Thank you so much Amiee – no jokes, the team have been crying pretty much all day (happy, sad, emotional, up down tears!). Think it was a very cathartic activity!


Thank you so much, Few words of love that i needed... You are amazing and i thank you so... I shall be in touch soon, lots of the same loop i must break has engulfed me since i saw you... You gave me the armor to battle this next wave just in time.


Sorry for late text.... Damn, you, your gift, your knowledge, you’re amazing! Today you literally unpicked something in me that I’ve spent years agonising over for not understanding myself... You’ve enabled me to start unlocking my own prison doors and discover so much more of what life has to offer... May the adventure continue... Forever grateful.


It was pleasure to experience the way you work and it definitely had positive impact on my state of mind.


With a mixture of healing and scientific NLP techniques, somehow Amiee gets the perfect balance from the start. Even just her voice and her energy put me at ease. There is something refreshing about her manner and her practice. I felt safe, supported and enabled throughout the sessions I have had with Amiee and I have walked away inspired and confident....


Amiee’s sessions seem to fly by and yet cover so much ground. Its best to say her gift is zeroing in on the important things and challenging and refocusing my thinking. There is conversation, analysing ideas, practical planning and setting attainable goals. Amiees sessions also include crystal and healing work, that help you relax and focus. She’ll lead you through visualisations that bring forth surprising ideas. The sessions are profoundly practical. I leave feeling grounded and sure of myself, clear headed in what I want and how to get there.