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Black tourmaline. A stone well known to literally suck toxicity from our system and provide a vibrational Barrier from contamination.

It’s is said that having black tourmaline next to computers and in all four corners of a room that needs clearing will help to eliminate Emf, WiFi toxicity and geopathic stress.

These little sets of four stones are great for creating protective grids around desks or beds to offer their frequency while we work and sleep. Reducing geopathic stress helps with sleep issues. Anxiety. Cloudy mind and lethargy.               

Tourmaline is the ultimate grounding stone. This stone is like an auric vacuum; clearing ones surroundings of imbalance and toxicity.
Keep a black tourmaline on you to keep negative thinking at bay and curb anxiety.
Because black tourmaline transmutes negative energies it works brilliantly to pull toxins from the system and energetic waste from the body such as wifi toxicity and environmental pollutants.   

Each pouch contains four palm sized pieces of hand picked black tourmaline. Each sized approx 2" square (varying a little from stone to stone.)