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Think of Citrine as a massive confidence booster for the soul.

Citrine works to support personal will, Manifestation and creativity.

This stone awakens creative spirit that can be buried deep within the psyche. Everything that is ever created or developed must first be imagined. Citrine works to stimulate the imagination and give clarity on such imaginings.

It is said that great accomplishments are one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. Citrine will not only clear the mind, body and soul for such ideas to channel through, but then it will stimulate the Will and determination necessary to set the wheels of accomplishment into motion. This energy and vibration forms intention and promotes action.

Working with citrine will bring about confidence, Clarity, Focus, Determination and inspiration.

This necklace is on a delicate long chain designed to sit on the collar bone (approx 35/6cm). The body of the stone is touching the skin enabling energy entrainment between the crystal and the body at all times.

Chain Is heavy gold plated. The stone measures approx 2.5cm in length. See if and where you can spot the rainbow inclusions.

Each piece will be selected especially for whoever is lucky enough to grab it. There are two pendants available so do note that your piece may differ a little from the image....


Citrine stimulates the Solar Plexus