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An Elestial quartz crystal is an extremely high vibration stone and they can be a powerful aid your spiritual growth.

These crystals are connected to the frequency of the higher spiritual realms and they can help you to feel a stronger connection to the spirit world.

Elestials are an excellent crystal to keep nearby as they continuously receive spiritual vibrations. They regulate and attune these vibrations to the energy of those who are nearby and receiving it.

They allow you to receive an infusion of the love and light from higher realms at a comfortable frequency. You receive the frequencies at the level required for your personal growth and healing, without it impacting you in a way that may be uncomfortable

A great stone to work with to dissolve karmic blockages and accelerate personal growth. This stone stimulates both the crown and the root Chakra

Elestials are also known as Skeletal Quartz, Alligator Quartz or Jacare Quartz Crystal, the last because Jacare means Alligator in Portuguese.

This is because the reptilian type of pattern in the configuration of these stones is said to have a similarity to the skin of an alligator.

Smokey Elestails are mostly found in Brazil but they have also been discovered in America and Romania

This stone stimulates both the crown and the root Chakra

This piece measures approx 6" X 6" X 4"