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It is very rare to find a piece of Lepidolite in this size and formation. Usually being sold in small slice type pieces.

An amazing stone to calm frayed nerves. Not only to bring calm to stormy situations, but this stone also brings an energy of enlightened wellbeing so as to be aware of ones feelings and situation and stay in a healthy emotional state.

Lepidolite is one of the most powerful stones for countering stress, worry or fear. It holds a frequency of calm and grace.  allowing one to stay balanced and open in possibly hostile emotional situations so as to receive and give compassionately from the heart and not be emotionally reactive.     

Lepidolite works to clear the vibration of negative thoughts and balances emotional extremes. Assisting in find a strong emotional centre and offering support with depressive tendencies. Enabling one to slow down the over running mind and be more present and clam in the given moment.    

Lepidolite stimulates the heart and the third eye chakras 

This piece is approx 7.5" wide. 5" tall. 3.5" deep.