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The Laughing Buddha symbolises abundance of good luck, contentment and personal success in one's life. It depicts a plenitude of whatever one wishes for – be it wealth, happiness or satisfaction.

A laughing buddha is an amazing talisman, made all the more powerful when it is carved from crystal stone, so in all its luck and love it also holds the frequency and vibration of the stone that it has been carved from.

This Buddha has been carved from Tigers eye.

Tigers eye promotes confidence, Practicality, Discernment and Balance.                This stone keeps its user grounded and balanced in response to real life flux.

A stone that is considered the “sword of logic” enabling one to face life challenges and make decisions with non judgmental acceptance. Seeing both sides of the coin.                                                              

Tigers eye holds a vibration of strength, creativity and motivation making it a great stone to work with when endurance, focus and motivation are needed to complete a task or in the face of fatigue or discouragement. 

Tigers eye stimulates the three lower chakras. Root. Sacral & solar plexus.

This laughing Buddha is approx 3" wide by 2" Tall